Edmund Galindo

 A Family That Cares

A Man In Need

Edmund (Ed) Galindo, the founder of Nu-Hope Laboratories, was born in Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, California. In 1933, the early years of the Great Depression, Ed graduated from Polytechnic High School in northern Los Angeles County and went to work in the silk screening industry.

Ed became a partner in the silk screening business, and in less than eight years, Ed and his wife Hope had four children. During this time, Ed was battling chronic kidney disease. In 1941, Ed volunteered to fight for his country in World War II.

During his pre-enlistment physical, Ed learned that his kidney disease had become very serious. Doctors were so alarmed by his condition that they told him that he would live no more than one year. By the grace of God and some progressive doctors, Ed was able to outlive that prediction by 18 years.

Some New Thinking

Ed battled his kidney disease for 17 years. In January 1958, when medical treatment was no longer effective, Ed had urinary diversion surgery. Ed soon discovered that ostomy products were crude, complicated and relatively ineffective. The ostomy items available in the late 1950’s leaked frequently, which required frequent laundering of clothing and bed linens. In addition, the leakage required frequent changing of the ostomy pouches which caused the skin around the stoma to deteriorate.

While still working in the silk screen industry, Ed made some new ostomy appliance designs that he tested and used on himself. By the middle of 1958, Ed had created a new appliance system that enabled him to return to his business duties as well as the golf and swimming activities that he loved so much.

At first, Ed gave away his appliances and supplies for free to those who wanted to try his new appliances. Doctors in the Los Angeles area were so impressed by his products that they urged him to manufacture his appliances. In 1959, Ed and his family begin selling his appliances and supplies so other ostomy patients could resume a normal life.

In 1959, Nu-Hope Laboratories was founded. The name was derived from Ed’s wife Hope and the feeling that they were offering “new hope” to others in need. Unfortunately, Ed Galindo passed away on November 11, 1959.

Carrying On The Legacy

During the last 2 years of Ed’s life, his eldest son Eugene (Gene) Galindo helped his father show patients how use their new ostomy products. Ed and Gene visited hundreds of ostomy patients in hospitals and homes, learning all they could about stomas and stoma care. Both men were able to see first hand how excited ostomy patients were when they were able to resume a normal life by using Nu-Hope appliances and supplies.

When Ed passed away in 1959, Gene was only 20 years old and hadn’t yet finished college. But Gene knew what he had to do. According to The Phoenix – “Determined to carry on his father’s legacy, Gene, along with his mother Hope and later his sister Louise, would work all day at the silk screening business and reserve his evenings for hospital visits in order to fit patients with new appliances. He went to a countless number of homes to address issues such as stoma placement, skin conditions, and in the case of a new ostomate, acceptance of their new ostomy.” 1

Nu-Hope and Gene Galindo learned a lot about the different shapes and sizes of ostomy patients and their stomas over the years. Because Gene spent so much time with ostomy patients, he knew that each person had their own special needs. He created hundreds of new products and made sure that Nu-Hope was an industry leader in the design and production of custom ostomy products. Gene also developed state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to help reduce the cost of ostomy equipment and supplies.

Gene lost his battle with cancer in 2006 at the age of 67. Gene’s son, Jeff, remembers his dad as a caring person who wanted to help as many people as possible with their problems – “People would turn to my father when they had problems with their equipment and no one else seemed to be able to help them. It could have been someone with an odd shaped stoma for example. The available products just didn’t work for them, so he customized the equipment to suit a particular need. It didn’t matter how difficult or how challenging. The one continuous thread when I was growing up was hearing my father say that he was going to help as many people in this way as possible. I don’t know anyone in the business that would do that.”

The Legacy Continues

The Galindo family legacy continues at Nu-Hope. Gene’s wife, Estelle “Mickey” Galindo, continues to work at Nu-Hope. Mickey is an R. N. and a certified Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurse (W.O.C.N.), and her expertise helps to ensure that all of Nu-Hope’s products continue to be the best ostomy products available anywhere.

Today, the president of Nu-Hope Laboratories is Brad Galindo and the vice president is Debbie Johnson who are niece and nephew of Gene Galindo. Brad and Debbie spent many years learning from Gene and Mickey about the needs of ostomy patients. Brad and Gene have worked directly with hundreds of patients to make sure that they get the ostomy appliances and supplies they need to help them live a normal life.

Nu-Hope Laboratories continues to be the preeminent manufacturer of ostomy appliances and supplies. The Galindo family legacy of caring about ostomy patients is still going strong after 55 years. Give Nu-Hope a call or check out our website – our products will help you get back on your feet again and will give you new hope for a normal, stress-free life.

1 Remembering Eugene R. Galindo: The Phoenix, Spring 2007, United Ostomy Associations of America Inc. Used by permission.